Sandrine Loncke, anthropologist, ethnomusicologist and film director, has under her belt decades of research experience in the Sahel area. Our audience knows her for the film What If Babel Was Just a Myth? with which she won the Grand Prix at the 29th IFEF, but her work also includes numerous books and scholarly articles, primarily on the subject of music and dance in this region. Therefore Sandrine Loncke will be our esteemed guest at this year’s festival – not only as a member of the jury, but also as an interlocutor for an extensive conversation in the Museum's cinema hall. Her interlocutors will be Vladimir Perović, Festival Selector, and Slobodan Naumović, professor at the Department of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Belgrade and a longtime associate of the festival. Before the actual interview, the Belgrade audience will have the opportunity to also get acquainted with her first film, Dance with the Wodaabe, for which she won the main prize at the “Jean Rouch” International Film Festival in 2010.