Some of our participants have been kind enough to answer a few of our questions and provide better insight  into their films for our festival goers. The first to be presented here is Eduardo Liron, co-author of Corn Beat, whom our audiences will be able to meet thanks to the Embassy of Brazil in Belgrade

Eduardo Liron and Renata Mattar's short Corn Beat will be played in the cinema hall of the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade on Monday, October 2nd within the 6 PM block.

Participants were interviewed by Alice Reiner.




The lyrics to some of the chulas are hilariously of our day, 'Get off WhatsApp honey, Get off WhatsApp my dear/ You made me suffer, you made me cry/ You abandoned me because of a mobile.' Besides love, what are some of the common themes that make up these songs? 


The songs concern many topics, usually discussing current issues in the community, or passing on knowledge. For example, we can look at one of the songs that serves to educate the woodcutter about work safety issues: "On which side does the stick fall out?". There are also fights and disputes that are resolved through song challenges, with each composer argumenting through their verses. Other common themes are those of love, longing for people and places, and those of appreciation for nature, dedicated to the local fauna and/or flora. It's important to note that even though there are some songs that are passed down from generation to generation, the repertoire is always renewed by new compositions, and it's very important for the composers to create songs that are appreciated and sung by the community.