Selection Committee

Arsenije Arsa Jovanović, a theatre, television and film director, writer, composer, essayist, photographer, and a retired professor of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. He directed plays at the National Theatre in Belgrade, Atelje 212, Boško Buha Theatre, as well as at theatres in Dubrovnik, Zadar, Split, Šibenik, Sheffield (United Kingdom), Ivan Vazov National Theatre in Sofia and the theatre of the State University of New York. He directed dozens of plays and accomplished various other projects for the Belgrade Television. Jovanović authored the TV series The Age of Frescoes, as well as several experimental films. His papers were published in the journal Teorija i Praksa (Theory and Practice); he also published books Kosančićev Venac 19 and Stories from Galiola and is preparing the book The Birth of Theatre. His radiophonic works were awarded at festivals such as Prix Italia, Premio Ondas, Radio Educacion (Mexico), International Radio Festival of Iran, Ars Acoustica International, Radio France International; he is a double laureate of the Bronze Trophy at the New York Festivals and he also received the Belgrade October Prize and the City of Belgrade Award, as well as numerous other national awards. As a film music composer, he collaborated on several films with the US film director Terrence Malick. Jovanović is a co-founder of the renowned experimental radio programme aired by the Austrian National Radio and the author of several landscape and audio installations (The Spirit of Water in the Roman Well in Belgrade and the underground tunnels under an old church in Erlangen, a landscape installation on the square in the city of Hvar, an audio installation at the Radio Free Berlin, etc.). He has been the founder and leader of sound workshops at the ORF Radio, on the Faroe Islands, in Poland, Finland and Denmark. Jovanović published a large number of photographs in Serbia and abroad.


Vladimir Anđelković was born in Belgrade; he graduated production from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. He has been involved in non-professional film production since 1972. Anđelković organized about fifty festivals of non-professional film (thirty as a part of the organizing team, and twenty as a director or the chief organizer) in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro and Serbia. He was a jury member at festivals in Pula, Osijek, Sombor, Bačka Topola, Belgrade, Zaječar, Niš, Vranje, Kosovska Mitrovica, Skopje and Bitola; and a long-term selector of the film programme at the Serbian Youth Culture Festival in Knjaževac. Between 1979 and 1987, he was a member of the organizing team of the FEST and the Yugoslav Festival of Documentary and Short Film (in Belgrade); he was the organizer of the 50th edition of the latter festival in 2003, and was a member of the FIPRESCI jury in 2007 and 2009. In 1998, Anđelković re-established the Festival of Children’s and Youth Filmmaking in Yugoslavia (presently Serbia) and he has since been the chief organizer of thirteen editions of the festival, held in Belgrade. Vladimir Anđelković has been the President of the Managing Board and the President of the Centre for Non-Professional Filmmaking of Serbia (formerly the Centre of Non-Professional Filmmaking Organizations of Yugoslavia) since 2002.  


Dalibor Pešić, an ethnologist and anthropologist; the editor of the Cultural Programme at the Sopot Cultural Centre; the author and co-author of 27 projects in culture, mostly focused on the presentation of cultural heritage: Cultural and Ethnic Mosaic of the Municipality of Medveđa: photographs as a source for the study and presentation of cultural heritage, A Living Water-Mill, Lighting the Living Fire, The Magic of the Loom, The Passage of Đurđevdan, etc. Pešić has been a concept creator, (co)author and the screenplay writer of many films dealing with intangible cultural heritage: The Bibijaka Feast as a Safeguard of the Roma Identity, The Fire of Vitomir the Smith, An Altar at Petrova Gora, The Map of Cultural Heritage in the Municipality of Lebane, Natalinci: on crafts and enterprises, To Silence and back: casting out an epilepsy demon. As an associate, he is currently involved in several projects related to the study, documenting and digitizing cultural heritage: The Cultural Heritage of Fire in Life and Customs, The Digital Map of Cultural Heritage of Medveđa, Traditional Old Crafts in the Town of Topola, The Water-Mill Lives.