Tesla Nation

83’, 2018


Zeljko Mirkovic


Zeljko Mirkovic


Milos Rastovic, Marko Lopusina, Zeljko Mirkovic


Milan Maric, Ognjen Mirovic


Pavle Nikic


Jack Dmich as Nikola Tesla


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The film represents an extraordinary trip through the past and present of a people, from the first Serb landing on American soil more than 200 years ago until today.

Through the stories of prominent Serbs, aside from Nikola Tesla and Mihailo Pupin, you will meet three-time Pulitzer prize winner Walt Bogdanich, Gordana Vunjak Novakovic, the only female member of the New York Academy of Sciences, Serbian engineers behind the Apollo program, legendary Oscar winners Karl Malden, Steve Tesich, Peter Bogdanovich, and many others whose names made history. You will also hear the tale about the first Serb in America, George Fisher (Djordje Sagic), saved by fishermen who gave him his name, who is found in Livingston’s  book on notable Americans, along with the curiosities such as the fact that the famous G.I. Joe figurine was made based on a Serbian hero – Mihailo Pejic.

All these people have left a trace building not only the United States of America, where they partly lived and worked, but have also inscribed their names in the history of Serbia. The story about them is not only a story about their success, but also a story about our entire people and its potentials that surpass local or national boundaries.