The Albanian Code


56’, 2019


Yael Katzir


Yael Katzir, Gady Castel


Dan Katzir


Hillel Nave, Elio Bisignani


Ami Drozd


Januzs Stoklosa, Alberto Schwartz, Arnon Drozd


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Annie Altaratz takes her daughters to Albania where she was saved in WWII by the Albanian moral code. Thousands of refugees persecuted by the Nazis were saved there, including Italian soldiers who were previously the occupiers.

It is unique in Europe that Muslims saved Jews and Christians.

Annie meets the son of her savior, goes to school to thank the Albanians and takes the daughters to the forest where they crossed from Yugoslavia. In a visit to the National Arcive the picture widens beyond the family story to the Albanian leadership becoming a model to the entire people. Surprising is the testimony about Einstein. The voyage ends with a moving visit with Prince Leka II at the Royal Palace. Finally, the Wallenberg Foundation bestows the honorary title of “A House of Life” upon the Albanian Nation.

The film is moving from one surprise to another and a let of archival material is integrated in it. The unknown story about Albania and the Albanian culture, and what happened in WWII is finally exposed big-time.