The Molokans

The Molokans

Russia, Azerbaijan

76’, 2018


Saglara Tyurbeeva


Saglara Tyurbeeva, Dmitry Frolov


Saglara Tyurbeeva


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Nestled within the hills of Transcaucasia, and entirely preserved in time, are severall villages founded by Molokans – a Russian sect of Christians that rejected the practices of the Russian Orthodox church and were exiled to the mountains by Czar Nicholas I in the 1930s. Now, the Molokans of the region, that were once in thousands, have all but became extinct.


Dmitry Frolov, a student at Moscow State Universitiy’s history department, decided to assemble a film crew in order to shoot the remaining Molokan population in the present day Azerbaijani region of Kabristan. The remaining settlers now lack a succeeding generation to whom they can pass on their original traditions, and the film intends to serve as conduit for the local Molokan’s to relay their history for their descendants sprawled across the world.