Maasai Remix


67’, 2019


Ron Mulvihill, Kelly Askew


Kelly Askew


Ron Mulvihill, Ian Klipa, Kelly Askew


Ron Mulvihill, Ian Klipa


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„Maasai Remix” follows three Maasai individuals who – in the United Nations, a Tanzanian village, and American University – confront challenges to their community by drawing strength from local traditions, modifying them when necessary, and melding them with new resources. Adam Mwarabu advocates for Maasai pastoralist rights to land in international political spheres. Evalyne Leng’arwa pursues a college education in the USA, having convinced her father to return twelve cows to a man contracted to marry her. Frank Kaipai, the village chairman, faces opposition as he promotes secondary school education and tries to save the village forest. Sharing a goal of Maasai self-determination in an ever-changing world, Adam, Evalyne and Frank innovate while maintaining an abiding respect and love for their culture.