Press conference - 28th Festival of Ethnological Film

Yesterday a press conference was held on the upcoming 28th Festival of Ethnological Film at the Ethnographic Museum.

Selected committee members Dragomir Zupanc and Jelena Jovčić spoke about the films they chose this year.

Saša Srećković, the festival's executive director, spoke about the festival's foreign guests, special guest of the festival Patricio Lopez and the topic in the focus of the festival - "People on the Move".

Ivan Maksimović brought to the press the topic of the round table "Migration and Movement", as well as details of the accompanying program "South of South" and the School of Visual Anthropology.

With the cordial atmosphere of journalists and representatives of the Ethnological Film Festival, the first information entered the media, with the desire for the media and the audience to arrive at the opening the October 10th at 7PM.