Round table XXVIII International Festival of Ethnological Film

The "Movements and Migrations" roundtable discusses these social phenomena from a special, ethnological-anthropological angle. In this sense, movement is seen as an action that allows a social actor to exercise existing freedoms, that is, to win new ones. This year's guests of the festival participated in the roundtable, whose films deal more extensively with movement and its various consequences, as well as experts who have dedicated their research to these phenomena.

The moderator of the roundtable was Ivan Maksimović and the panelists were: Florencia Bohtlingk (Argentina), artist and director of "La Flor Settlers", Yael Katzir (Israel), documentary filmmaker, director of "Albanian Codex", Patricio Lopez (Chile) ) and Sonja Blagojević Đekić (Serbia), documentary filmmaker, director of "Kosma" and "Speleonaut".