Panel discussion – Movements and migrations

During the assessment of the films included in the festival program, the members of the selection committee of 28th IFEF have recognized a common tendency in authors to find a topic and a challenge in various types of movements, so the organizers of the Festival have decided to address this topic within a panel discussion.

Movement is an omnipresent, seemingly banally simple human activity. However, in addition to its functional role, often quite obvious, movement may also have a pronounced symbolic meaning. The pronounced structure of the social space is often overlooked, so movement is one of physical manifestations of utilizing the existing freedoms and conquering new ones. This becomes most obvious when the social subject is placed in a place where he or she is not expected, for example the refugees and migrants from Middle East and North Africa that have been settling in Europe in the recent years.

The participants in the panel discussion will present their visions of the symbolic quakes introduced by the movements to the societal space, with a special intonation on migrations as a form of movement of individuals and groups of people in order to colonize new areas. The participants in the panel will include the authors of the films recognizing the symbolic weight of movements and placing the greatest significance on their dynamics and consequences on lives of the film characters.