Her Family

North Macedonia

49', 2020


Elizabeta Koneska


NU Museum of The Republic of North Macedonia


Elizabeta Koneska


Elizabeta Koneska


Blazhe Dulev


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Yuruks are nomadic Turks who moved to the Balkans in the 15th and 16th century. To this day, they are fascinating by way of the traditional life style. They are still living in some villages at the East part of the North Macedonia. Mergjuzel, as a member of the community, is a traditional but strong woman wishing and trying to emancipate herself. Constantly pursuing a better way of life, in the course of 10 years, she, together with the members of her family, has been changing her place of living. But how successful is that pursuit and how do they face the challenges?


Elizabeta Koneska, ethnologist, born and lives in Skopje. Works at the NI Museum of The Republic of North Macedonia. Since 1993 she works in fields of visual ethnography, research, writes screenplays and directs ethnological and documentary films shot in Macedonia and Turkey.