Of Salt and Earth, a Funeral Ritual


17', 2019


Carmen Alonso, Juan Carlos García


Junta administrativa de quintanalara, Asociación para el desarrollo de Tiera de Lara


Carmen Alonso


Juan Carlos García


Juan Carlos García


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From the time when we are born, the end of our existence hovers on the horizon of our life cycle. Ritualization, through objects, words and actions, aims to find meaning in the natural phenomenon of death, and each society seeks in this need the most appropriate way to carry it out. In about the sixteenth century, a new funerary practise emerged, partly Christian and partly pagan, which can be detected through the particular pottery types that it involved: the so-called “salt plates and bowls”. This practise is little known and rarely studied although it was widespread geographically. The archaeological excavation in the ossuary at the Church of San Pantaleón in Quintanalara, in the Province of Burgos, Spain, will immerse us in this ritual that is so unusual in its origin and meanings.



Carmen Alonso is an archeologist and anthropologist, Technical and Scientific Director of Cronos S.C. Arqueología y Patrimonio. This is her first movie. 



Juan Carlos García has directed numerous documentaries on rural life, nature and adventure sports, as well as advertisements for solidarity campaigns.