Stories of Cabo Corrientes

Spain, Colombia

77'6’’, 2020


Jordi Esteva


Jordi Esteva


Germán Piffano


Albert Serradó


Xavi Pérez, Francesc Esteva, Leo Castro


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“A film about stories based on magical realism of an indigenous community in Colombia” The documentary immerses us in the fantastic and magical stories of the habitants of Cabo Corrientes (department of Chocó, Colombia) where a community of Afro-Colombians lives, descended from slaves from the Spanish colonization. They are farmers and fishermen. There is not much left in those elders of the living memory of Africa. Perhaps some remnants of oral literature and stories. An imaginary in which, not so long ago, the spirits lived with humans and the magical realism that appeared in everyday life


Jordi Esteva is a writer and photographer specialised in Africa and Middle East. In 2010 he started filming documentaries –mostly in Black and White- centered in the worlds that are vanishing like the animism in Africa or the remote island of Socotra.