Then comes the evening

Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

28’, 2019


Maja Novaković


Maja Novaković, Milan Milosavljević, Cultural Center “Studentski Grad” – Academic Film Center


Maja Novaković


Jasna Prolić


Marija Kovačina


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This documentary presents lives of two old women living isolated in hills of Eastern Bosnia. The film highlights the intangible cultural heritage through representation of spells and rituals against inclement weather, hail and storm. The simple and pure life is combined with hard work. The topic of the film is everyday slice-of-life in rural areas, presenting stress-free environment and closeness of the two women both to each other and to Nature. The poetic tone of the feature is based on references of genre-art and realism art, creating the documents that showcase the bitter poetry of everyday life.


Maja Novaković completed her Bachelor and Master studies at the Department of Art History at Philosophy Faculty, where she is currently at her doctoral studies. She works as researcher-associate at the Mathematical Institute of SASA in Belgrade.