Wings of Kyrgyzstan


74', 2019


Sophie dia Pegrum


Horsefly Films Rare Equine Trust


Sophie dia Pegrum


Sophie dia Pegrum


Sophie dia Pegrum


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Kyrgyzstan is home to the Tien Shan, the “Celestial Mountains” which tower above the lush pastureland – home to thousands of animals and the semi-nomadic herders of Central Asia. As much a song poem as a film – “Wings of Kyrgyzstan” is a kaleidoscope of life in the magnificent high steppe of Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, where alongside the mythology of the horse, the harsh realities of subsistence life and the loneliness of routine in remote regions causes tension and heartache. Here, horses are considered the “wings of man”. The rhythm of rural life underscores this reverent cinematic journey, where vivid portraits of young men and women, semi-nomads and their elders share their personal stories and aspirations, with the haunting music and soaring voices of the traditional folk ensemble Ordo Sakhna completing the cycle. 


Sophie Dia Pegrum is a British/American director and documentary cinematographer. Her Himalayan film "Talking to the Air” was an Ethnological Film Festival winner for Intangible Cultural Heritage