Dhikr – the dervish ritual in Skopje

North Macedonia

32’21’’, 2019


Viktor Trajanovski


Viktor Trajanovski


Filip Jordanov


Stanislava Trajanovska


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This film presents a dervish ritual dhikr in Skopje, performed by members of a number of dervish orders, including: Qadiri, Rifa'i, Sadia and Khalwati-karabashi, belonging to the esoteric branch of Islam – sufism. The whole ritual is included, from the very beginning to the trance when the dervish impale themselves with sharp objects, proving the goal of the ritual – to become one with the Alah – the God. 



Viktor Trajanovski was born in Ohrid. After completing the Master studies in Ethnology, he is presently a Doctoral student at the Institute for Ethnology and Anthropology in Skopje. He is interested in dervish orders existing within Islam