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12', 2020


Nebojša Ilić Ilke


JUG film Vlasotince


Nebojša Ilić Ilke


Nebojša Ilić Ilke


 Nebojša Ilić Ilke


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Having left the Croatian seacoast near Split, the members of the 9th Balkan Rally travel through the beautiful Balkan countries, covering 5000 km during their journey from the Northwest to the Southeast of the Balkans. Friendships they form are everlasting. “There is no Balkan Rally without Vlasotince. We are here again because your town is a traditional part of our route. The cooperation with you gets better every year. You are the best hosts with the biggest heart!” says Zeljan Rakela, president of BMW Motorist Club “Dalmatia” and one of the founders and executives of Balkan Rally. Whoever visits Vlasotince once, will love it forever!


Nebojša Ilić was born at Vlasotince. He started his career in 1994 as a cameraman for a local television channel. By the end of 2005 he graduated as TV and Film Cameraman. He is the president of Association of Film, TV, Audio and WEB creators “JUG FILM” in Vlasotince.