Sievemakers from Red Cross: A Century of Existence in Belgrade

Serbia, Slovenia

22’55’’, 2020


Dragomir Zupanc


Saša Vrebič, Vladimir Šojat, Aleš Pavlin, Andrej Stritof


Dragomir Zupanc


Goran Musić


Vladimir Šojat


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The sieve-making workshop in Belgrade’s Crveni krst neighborhood exists for over a century now. A Slovenian from Ribnica, Edo Cvar, began making sieves after the end of the First World War. He brought in students from Ribnica, including his cousin Ivan Debeljak. Products made in the workshop were sold in Serbia and Vojvodina. An exhibition dedicated to the workshop and its current owner, Ivan Debeljak Jr, was opened in the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade.


Dragomir Zupanc was born in 1946 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He graduated from Film and TV directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrad. He is a member of the Organization of Film Artists of Serbia since 1972. He is the scriptwriter and director of several TV films produced by RTS, RTVCG, as well as RTVSLO.