EVSEYEV: Recognition at the Cost of Life




25′, 2022.


Andrey Ogorodnikov


Dmitry Novikov


Andrey Ogorodnikov, Maria Novikova


Dmitry Novikov


Andrey Ogorodnikov


  From a rural teacher and a recognized local historian to an enemy of the Soviet system. Timofei Evsevev is an ethnographer, folklorist, who was one of the first to try to reveal secrets of the rites of the life cycle of his people. His ethnographic collections and handwritten materials collected more than a century ago now make up the “golden fund” of the Mari traditional culture, and are significant for the entire Finno-Ugric world. A recognized international scientist, “awarded” with capital punishment during his lifetime by country, republic, whose legacy he glorified and tried to preserve at the cost of own life.

Andrey Ogorodnikov studied filmmaking at the New York Film Academy. He demonstrated his interest in film with his directorial debut in 2017, for which he was also editor, writer and sound designer. In 2020, Andrew was invited by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Mari El as a director to work on a series of films dedicated to the centenary of the Republic Heritage. Mari El (2020) and Today. Mari El (2020), while at the same time shooting the first ever film about the Traditional Mari Faith Onaen (2020).




ЕВСЕЕВ: Признание ценою в жизнь | EVSEYEV: Recognition at the cost of life (TEASER) from Andrew Ogorodnikov on Vimeo.