Leggende Rusticane




8′46″, 2022.


Lorenzo Muscoso


Dreamworld Pictures



Lorenzo Muscoso


Lorenzo Muscoso, Eriberto Muscoso 




   On the occasion of the centenary of the writer Giovanni Verga – writer of the famous Cavalleria Rusticana – the storyteller, Luciano Busacca, reaches the Cunziria village, place of the famous duel. Conquered by the suggestion of the place and the expanses of prickly pear, he lets himself be carried away in a story about the love triangle that led to the bloody challenge. The film is also a tribute to the 50th anniversary of Francis Ford Coppola's Godfather, in which Cavalleria is reconstructed, as well as the peasant oral tradition, a Unesco World Heritage Site, and finally, a melancholy look at the migratory flows of many Italians who during the early 1900s left for distant continents and never returned.


Lorenzo Muscoso, director, producer and writer, is Artistic Director of the Official Celebration of the Centenary of Giovanni Verga and has been in charge of the Verghiano Festival for 10 years. He graduated from the DAMS University of Roma Tre, and is also a graduate of the Rossellini Audiovisual Institute.