17′53″, 2023.


Daniel Muchiut, Marina Carrasco


Daniel Muchiut


Daniel Muchiut, Marina Carrasco



Julián Muchiut



   Pamela is a hairdresser from Chivilcoy, excellent and inexhaustible storyteller, friend, partner, daughter, wife, and a transgender woman. In this documentary, we are given a glimpse of Pamela’s world, who tells us in first person her path to become accepted by her family, neighbors, and community. From her childhood spent playing with dolls and doing groceries dressed like a girl, going through her teenage years gathering with her female friends at her parents’ house before going to dance at the local club, where she can openly be herself, until her gender correction in her DNI, her wedding and her present days. How and why does her life amaze us?


Daniel Muchiut from Chivilcoy, is a designer and photographer. He is Curator and one of the founders of Fotogalería 22, a permanent gallery of the Museum of Plastic Arts. He conducted Photography Workshops with Julian Germain (London, England) and with John Duncan (Ireland).

Marina Carrasco is an actress and director. In 2006, in the city of Buenos Aires, she continued her studies at the theater Sportivo Teatral, where she is now part of the teaching staff.