The Scarified



France, Burkina Faso

65′09″, 2021.


Wabinlé Nabié


Chloé Guilbert


Wabinlé Nabié


Aurélie Jourdan


   My name is Wabinlé Nabié. Burkinabé. My particularity: I am a scarified person, one of the last since this tradition has now died out. These scars on my face are like a mark of identity of the ethnic group to which I belong, the Bwaba ethnic group, but I know nothing more and this ignorance shapes me at the same time as it hinders me. The Scarified is the story of a necessity, returning to the places of my childhood in order to understand the meaning of these marks on my skin.

Wabinlé Nabié from Fafo, is an actor, storyteller, writer and director. Wabinlé took part in the Africadoc writing residency in 2007 and then, the following year, in the Rencontre Tënk which took place in Saint-Louis, Senegal. In 2010, he attended the documentary film making programme at the Imagine Institute. In 2015, he directed AN27, a short documentary film that has been selected in many festivals and received awards.