The Voice of Huito




17′42″, 2022.


Rita Sánchez, Joaquina Izaguirre, Mara Corrales


Karla Espinoza



Rita Sánchez, Joaquina Izaguirre, Mara Corrales


   Luis Tayori is an indigenous Harakmbut descendant whose origins go back to the depths of the Peruvian Amazon. Years after his first contact with the Dominican missionaries, Luis remembers his childhood and his grandparents’ memories. Using an exclusive photographic collection of the first Dominican incursions, he seeks to find answers about the encounter between two worlds and reaffirm his identity.

Rita Sánchez is director and producer. Winner of the Ministry of Culture’s national contest in Peru to study a documentary workshop at the International School of Film and Television, Cuba. Cofounder of Chamana Films.

Joaquina Izaguirre graduated in Social Communication from the National University of San Marcos in Peru. She has worked for the Peruvian newspaper La República, filming and editing documentary cut reportages.

Mara Corrales is co-founder of Chamana Films. She is a filmmaker who has worked in audiovisual pieces, photography and video editing.