Tree Crown




14′58″, 2022.


Predrag Todorović


Predrag Todorović, TV Centar


Predrag Todorović, Slađan Bogdanović, Marko Mirković, based on research by Radojko Nikolić


Zlatko Đurđević


Predrag Todorović


Come closer! Stop, take a break, stand besought, please hold on, stand straight, wait, don’t go away, don’t hurry! Cries of poignant epitaphs echo in the silence of old village cemeteries. Without narrative sandstone and wretched landmark, people of Western Serbia seem to have never existed. The only portraits and biographies were given to them only after they had died. Their stonemasons were also peasants. The stonecutters between the Ibar and Drina rivers, Rudnik and Zlatar mountains, between Serbian uprisings and world wars, anthropomorphized their stones so that the stones could guard their homeland, bitterly lookingforward to one more spring, getting wrinkles from lichen. To die yet again.

Predrag Todorović, in cooperation with colleagues Zlatko Đurđević, Slađan Bogdanović, and Marko Mirković, is the author of several ethnological documentaries awarded at festivals of television and film production both in this country and abroad.





Krošnja / Tree CROWN (2022) Trailer from Predrag Todorović on Vimeo.