26′20″, 2023.


Bogdan Spirić


Nevena Novaković


Bogdan Spirić, Nevena Novaković


Tamara Erdeljanov, Petar Divac, Bogdan Spirić


Bogdan Spirić


   The film Trousseau paints a fairytale-like picture of the custom of the bride’s belongings by traveling from the past into the future, similar to a passage through individual life stages, describing the preservation of material culture but, above all else, highlighting the pervasiveness of female intangible cultural heritage of Serbia and its permeating contemporary life. The film tells two tales: an individual, intimate one, and a collective or public one. The preparation of a girl to become a woman has been placed in a perspective reaching towards the past, but is at the same time deeply entwined in the present day.


Bogdan Spirić sees documentary work as a tool to delve deep into the secrets of the world we live in and create. Whereas ethnological film, in his opinion, is a huge space to experience the past and tradition in a sincere way, and to create fairytales.


Nevena Novaković as sociologist, ethnologist and anthropologist believes that film is the best way to preserve, and at the same time depict intangible cultural heritage. With this idea, she ventured into the making of Trousseau.