17′33″, 2022.






Aleksandar Repedžić, Anđela Đermanović


  “Although it’s a fasting day, it’s good for children to eat a yolk. God forgives, that is the belief I woke up with”, our interlocutor from Homolje tells us. In the film, viewers will be introduced to Easter rituals and traditions of Slovaks, Vlachs, and denizens of Pirot. Maundy Thursday is the day where in most places eggs are painted, although some do it on Friday, or Saturday even. What is the symbolism behind the Easter egg, what the yolk means in traditional religion, and what techniques are being used to decorate the eggs will be discovered in the short Yolk.


Aleksandar Repedžić is an ethnologist/anthropologist and curator at the Museum of Ponišavlje – Pirot. Previously, he was interim director at the Museum in Majdanpek. He is an expert in the area of Vlach culture, and a permanent associate of the Institute for Balkan Studies. He has numerous exhibitions, films, papers and other types of publications behind him.

Anđela Đermanović finished graduate and master studies in painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts. She is currently pursuing her doctorate at the same Faculty. She has participated in over fifty group exhibitions and held four independent ones. She is a scholarship recepient of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.