Selection Committee


Ljiljana Gavrilović (1952) – PhD in ethnology/anthropology, an associate professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade and a research fellow at the Ethnographic Institute of SASA. She explores various aspects of contemporary popular culture, including photography and film; material and intangible heritage and their contextualization in contemporary Serbian society, as well as theoretical museology.

Between 1981 and 1999, she worked at the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade, Documentation Department. As a museum professional she advanced through all museum ranks, to the title of Museum Counsellor, and she took part in the organization and shaping of the early editions of International Festival of Ethnological Film. Ljiljana Gavrilović was also involved, as a researcher, in projects implemented by the Ethnographic Institute of SASA (1982–84), the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade (1982–87) and the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade (1983–89, and 1994–96), where she studied wedding customs and customary law with emphasis on family law and the status of women, social relations and social structure within local communities and their relationship with the global, contemporary society, as well as family relationships. The results of these studies have been published in scholarly and professional journals.

As Ljiljana Gavrilović also holds the title of a research fellow (since 2002), she took part and managed the following projects at the Ethnographic Institute of SASA: Modern Rural and Urban Culture – Lines of Development and Transformation and (since early 2006) Serbia between Traditionalism and Modernization – Ethnological and Anthropological Study of Cultural Change and Anthropological Research and Communication in Modern Serbia. She has published several monographs and numerous papers in relevant scholarly journals.


Miroslav–Bata Petrović (1949) – art historian involved in filmmaking since 1967, first as an amateur and since the 1980s as a professional. He is the author of about 120 short films of various lengths and genres, one feature-length experimental documentary and eight experimental and documentary feature-length video films, as well as medium-length documentary movies and serials. He has made several dozen shows on film for the Culture Channel, a Belgrade-based television channel. His movies are based on his own scripts and he has also been successfully involved in filming and editing his own films, as well as those made by other authors.

Miroslav–Bata Petrović is a member of the Association of Film Artists of Serbia; a permanent member of the Council Archive of alternative film of the Student's City Cultural Centre, at New Belgrade; a member of the editorial boards of the film magazines Filmograf (from 1976 to 1991) and Novi Filmograf (since 2006) and an associate member of Matica Srpska, Novi Sad (since 2012). As an amateur cinematographer, he was the Secretary of the Council for the Photo Cinema Association of Serbia (1974–76) and the Secretary of the Cinema Association of Yugoslavia (1977–78). In 2007, together with the Association of Film and Television workers of Vojvodina, he initiated and established the Vigil of the Soul Film Festival in Sremski Karlovci (history, culture, science, art and spirituality), and was immediately appointed the Chief Operating Officer of the Festival, which position he still holds. In 2011, Petrović initiated and organized the First Review of Independent Off Movies in Serbia, at the so-called Serbian Hollywood (the village of Mutanj on Mount Rudnik). He is a member of the International Council of the Biennial Film Festival of Short-Length Films in Gornji Milanovac.

Along with screenplays, he has written other genres. His essays on film have been published in the journals Sineast, Filmograf, YU Film Danas, Filaž and other periodical or one-time publications.