Karađorđe’s Death



Photo:  Radio-television of Serbia



90′42″, 1983.


Đorđe Kadijević


RTV Beograd


Danko Popović


Bratislav Grbić

Mira Mitić



   In the summer of 1817 Karađorđe returns to Serbia after a long stay in Russia; with him is only his faithful companion Naum. Hidden in Radovanje grove, in the barn of the peasant Dragić, Karađorđe attempts to contact Prince Miloš with the help of his best man Vujica. His goal is the uprising of all Balkan peoples in the struggle for final liberation from the Turks. Aware that with Karađorđe’s arrival all he has worked for in the Second Serbian uprising will go up in smoke, as will his personal plans as ruler, Miloš does not heed his call. In the turmoil of opposing political concepts and the struggle for power, the murder of Karađorđe’s organized. Miloš may have gotten rid of Karađorđe, but he has sown the seeds of a grueling drama of his conscience.


Đorđe Kadijević(1933) is an art critic, film and television screenwriter and director, as well as set designer of his films. He studied at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. His first film The Feast (1967) was directed when he was member of the cinema club Beograd, after which he received the Best debut award at the Pula festival. He has commonly dealt with the subject of war destroying human soul. His most significant television works are: Belgrade Stories, Vuk Karadžić (TV series), Karađorđe’s Death.

Photo: Milenko Stefanović