Tempting the Devil




117′, 1989.


Živko Nikolić


Zeta Film


Slobodan Rundo


Savo Jovanović

Vuk Kulenović



   The Zmajević and Krstović families live together as feuding neighbors in a remote place. Although the tower is property of the Zmajević family, the Krstović family have taken over due to sheer strength.  The Zmajević family await for their powerful son to return from America, and save the tower, their honor, and history. However, the ruined tower does not interest him as it cannot bring him income, but rather he finds an honest girl to marry, and tempts her... The roof of the tower collapses.


Živko Nikolić(1941-2001) was film and television director. He studied to be director at the Academy for theater, film, radio, and television in Belgrade. He started directing in 1968. In his films he was always screenwriter or co-writer. Consistent in visual style and his ties to the landscapes of Montenegro as isnpiration, he has directed seven films in which he deals with human solitude, cruelty, deeply hidden meanness which reares its head when a representative of the “new society” and a different civilization shows up. He takes on conflicts and disorders of highlander values, which erupt in conflict with “modernity”.


Photo: Yugoslav Film Archive