Both Black and White Have Red Blood






50′, 2023.




Ksenija Silađi, Tatjana Kalezić


Bojan Dakić, Marjana Jović Lainović


Arpad Garbac, Bojan Dakić, Borislav Živkov

Pavle Nikić


   Well until the 1980s mixed marriages in Roma communities were taboo. However, there was a myth of a black man and a white woman. Božidar and Suzana are the first to bring this myth into reality, standing against tradition and fighting for their love. After this case, marriages between Roma and others became more and more common and accepted. Božidar has started his role as revolutionary in the Roma community well before meeting Suzana. As a sixteen-year-old, he performed a cult role in the play “Kulaj”, which raises a voice against arranged marriage, which were a common part of Roma tradition. The play takes place in Novo Miloševo in the 1980s.



Bojan Dakić, born in 1979 in Zrenjanin, is a multimedia artist whose creative path is strongly shaped by audivisual experience. He has graduated at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, where he directed his talents towards the plastic arts. The path of art has led him to the title of MA in new visual media – video. Within his multimedia career he works in television and film, as director, scriptwriter, cinematographer, DP, and editor. His creative portfolio includes around twenty short films, experimental forms, and video performances. He spent a significant time creating documentaries, making over 400 minutes of intriguing content.