The 25th Festival of Ethnological Film – Selection Committee Report

We are pleased to inform you that the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade will once again host the International Festival of Ethnological Film, which celebrates its 25th anniversary. The festival will be held on October 12–16, 2016, and it will present the latest international and local production of ethnological and anthropological film. According to the Festival regulations, the films will compete for the following awards: GRAND PRIX, Award for the best national film, Award for the best international film, Award for the best Non-professional film, Award for the best ID3min film, Award for the contribution to intangible cultural heritage, Award for the best cinematography, Award for the best editing, Award for the best contextual application of sound.



The Selection Committee of the 25th International Festival of Ethnological Film (Aleksandra Pavićević, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Ethnography SASA, and Stevan Jovičić, film historian) saw 219 films coming from more than 40 countries (France, Italy, Switzerland, Western Sahara, USA, Spain, Pakistan, Brazil, Netherlands, Mexico, Romania, Germany, Israel, Belarus, Russia, China, Armenia, Poland, Canada, Belgium, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Iran, Iraq, Finland, India, Nepal, Estonia, Indonesia, etc.), 119 of which were international (total duration: about 80 hours), while 10 were non-professional (total duration: 6.5 hours). After the consultations, they decided to recommend 57 films for the inclusion in the Festival programme: 32 in the Competition Programme (almost 19 hours in total duration), 21 in the Informative Programme (total duration: 13.5 hours) and four in the Non-Professional Programme (total duration: 150 min).




The members of the Selection Committee were guided by the following principles: whether a film can be designated as an “ethno” film; the originality of the topic and the thematic diversity; the workmanship involved in telling the story: cinematography, editing, interpretation, duration.

To put it in the words of the Selection Committee: “Ethnological film is undoubtedly intertwined with other genres and there is hardly a topic that could not be covered within this framework. However, it has to find its own specific character, something that will make it immediately recognizable. These are actually the frameworks for narration, or more precisely, the frameworks for its interpretation. We believe that the selected films have managed to build an amazing kaleidoscope made up of colourful pieces of cultural reality. Now, it only remains to let the audience make their own judgement.”