The 25th Festival of Ethnological Film - Special Programme

The 25th International Festival of Ethnological Film, to be held on October 12–16, 2016, will feature a two-part Special Programme. Each segment will feature three films:


A Museum Professional in the World of Ethnological Film – Vojvodina


The Country of Vajaja


Petar Jovanović

On farms near Kanjiža, (Northern Serbia) a special vajaja cream is made of sheep's milk in a traditional way.

St’ Paraskeve’s Day


Tatjana Babović

Since the Middle Ages, the Serbs have been worshiping St Paraskeve, as the patron saint of fertility. Many miraculous springs,vodice,chapels and churches are dedicated to her. On the days dedicated to this saint, August 8 and October 27, in the monastery of Fenek, the villages Voganj and Beška, as well as the spring on Kalemegdan in Belgrade, the film crew recorded the stories of the people who said that they had been healed by these springs.

Under this layer, one can recognize the cult of the ancient Slavic goddess Mokoš, whose roles have been transferred to this Christian martyress of Serbian descent.


Nothing is sweeter than honey


Mirko Pot

Reconstruction of the traditional procedure for preparation and baking honey cookies in Vojvodina.


Awarded Films of the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation


Patron Saint’s Feast in Šumadija


Nikola Stanković

The film shows authentic traditional rituals preformed during the celebration of krsna slava (patron saint's feast) in the village of Bela Voda, between the monastery of Ljubostinja and Kruševac (Central Serbia). Toasts, prayers and songs are a part of the celebration of this greatest holiday in every Serbian home.


Cristmas in Polimlje


Milan Knežević

Christmas is celebrated in Polimlje in a very traditional way. Bringing badnjak (Christmas oak tree) into the home imitates ploughing. During Christmas, people visit cemeteries and give holiday greetings to the dead. Other customs are related to the položajnik and breaking the ritual Christmas bread, known as česnica.

I’m alive, i’m not dead yet


Kamenko Katić

On a farm in eastern Serbia two old people live alone. The farm was turned into a small ethnographic museum. Their stories, from bygone years, traditions and beliers are an impressive example of the living tradition in the Kučevo region.


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