Round Table

Round Table: The Role and Importance of Film as a Medium in the Preservation of Cultural Heritage: from a record to an author’s attitude

The ethnographic, ethnological or, as it has been lately defined, anthropological approach in the films presented within all programmes of the International Festival of Ethnological Film, have revealed that the range of topics and issues, as well as methodologies and models used in creating a film experience should inevitably be contextualized in the wide-ranging processes that contribute to documenting and safeguarding of all sorts of cultural testimonies and particularly to the preservation and sustainability of the living cultural heritage. Viewed in such a discourse, the film medium as a communication channel documents cultural heritage in its diverse forms, but it also incorporates other levels of messages about materialized and intangible cultural heritage as an agent of integration within communities, a marking feature of the identity of its members – both those who belong to the community whose existence it records and analyzes, and the ‘external’ participants, interpreters, or simply observers of different cultures.


Student Round Table: The Development of Independent Student Production of Anthropological Film

The Round Table seeks to bring together all those interested in a discussion about the (im)possibility of a student production of anthropological film. Participants will present the working conditions, highlight the need for high-quality filming equipment and discuss problems that students encounter while doing their research within the scope of visual anthropology. The Round Table will also include a presentation of the Balkan platform Balkanthro Network, whose main objective is to bring together all of the students from the former Yugoslavia involved in visual anthropology.