From the Land


28', 2018


Jeff Silva, Ramona Badescu


Jeff Silva, Ramona Badescu


Ramona Badescu


Jeff Silva


Jeff Silva, Ramona Badescu


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Mixing fragmented stories of people with views of a landscape in perpetual transformation, we travel intimately in the footsteps of a contemporary Alice in what was once a leafy forest populated by birds and water sources and is today a modern day "concrete jungle" in the center of the infamous northern district of Marseille. Separating image from text, “Là où la terre” paints a portrait of a contemporary neighborhood battered by perpetual violent transformation that echoes in the vulnerable voices of its habitants and the tension between presence and absence, broken down into patterns; plants, animals, humans. 



Jeff Silva is an American filmmaker, photographer and ethnographer, originally from Boston, whose work has been exhibited at festivals internationally. Jeff's work is often focused on themes of displacement and fragility, humanistically documenting populations, individuals, systems and ecologies at risk. 



Ramona Badescu is a French-Romania artist, author of children's literature, theatre actress and poet. "Là où la terre" is her first film project. Ramona has published more than 25 books in French since 2002, garnering numerous accolades and press.