Game of Rings in Kruševo Brdo

Bosnia and Herzegovina

11'9’’, 2020


 Goran Dujaković


Predrag Solomun


Goran Dujaković


Zoran Pilipović


Predrag Solomun


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On the slopes of Vlašić Mt. in the village Kruševo Brdo, the second “Burekijada” took place in January 2020. It is a competition in making burek under the bell. This manifestation gathered 30 competitors and hosted over 200 guests who had the pleasure of tasting these special delicacies. All of the participants have received recognition for preparing burek „in the old-fashioned way” and have taken part in the Game of rings. The premise of the Game of rings is to hide the ring under a hat or a woolen sock. One team is hiding the ring and the other is allowed two tries to find it. This ancient folk game is widespread among all ethnicities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 



Goran Dujaković is an author of several short documentary and fiction films and two feature-length documentary films. He is a member of International Animated Film Association – ASIFA and the Association of filmmakers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is employed at the Academy of Arts of the University of Banja Luka.