The Dream And The Reality, One Village One Piece Of Art


29'58’’, 2018


Svetlana Miljanić


RTV Vojvodinа


Svetlana Miljanić


Željko Tot


Uroš Jandrić


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Milivoj Bato Klepić, a collector and art dealer, greatly disappointed with the state of culture and the state's attitude towards cultural treasures leaves Belgrade for his hometown of Podlokanj (Banat) and tries to build a CULTURE CENTER there. From the old and dilapidated cooperative home he makes a Museum, and in the open air, under the Banat sky, a gallery of sculptures. The Museum houses paintings by our important artists, precious icons (on glass and oil on canvas), and a large collection of pottery. Bato Klepić also built 18 parishes (ćuprijica – as he calls them), which are also, in themselves, works of art. He does everything to make the village more organized, and he succeeds in that by changing the appearance and habits of the village in the hope that it will stop its disappearance. He adheres to the Eastern wisdom "that a man is indebted only to his homeland and no one else". 



Svetlana Miljanić has been working for many years as an author of documentary ethnological and anthropological films, creative documentaries, educational program and series in network of RTV Vojvodina and TV Novi Sad. For her work and dedication in scriptwriting and directing work she was recognized through numerous awards and recognitions.