The Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade presents one of its recent productions

Like other Girls Do

A Film by Melissa H.Potter


Cinematographer & Editor  Jelena Jovčić

Music by Aleksandra Djokić

Ethnographic support: Rene Gremaux, Predrag Šarčević, Saša Srećković

Production: Columbia College Chicago, Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade

Release Date: 2014

Running Time: 26 minutes


Like other Girls Do features Stana Cerović, born in a small village in Montenegro into a family without male children. She lived her life as a male, and she now wants to be commemorated in the family cemetery as her father’s son. Yet, hardly anyone is living in the village anymore, and there is no tombstone carver to carve Stana’s name in the family tomb. Interviews with five young women in Belgrade, Serbia –a bus driver, drag king, student, printmaker, and graffiti artist – reveal many different ideas about sacrifice, personal choice, and remembrance. The graffiti artist makes a special tag for Stana in the streets of Belgrade – this may be the only memory of Stana as she wishes to be remembered, as we learn a secret in Stana’s home village she hoped no one would find out.