The 30th International Festival of Ethnological Film 

The selection of films is performed by the Selector/Selection Committee.  
The submissions that meet the following criteria will be considered eligible for inclusion in the Festival program:  
• The submitted film is a documentary film dealing with ethnology and anthropology;
• The submitted film has been produced no longer than three years preceding the Festival. The Festival Board and the Selector/Selection Committee may decide to include films made prior to this date 
• The submitted film presents a scholarly and research contribution to the area of ethnology and anthropology, while at the same time offering distinct artistic quality in the author’s approach; 
• The submitted film has not applied to this Festival so far. The submission has to provide the evidence of its previous public screenings.  
Other kinds of films that make a significant contribution to dealing with topics from the domains of ethnology and anthropology may be included in special program.  
No Festival participation fee is charged.  
No compensation is paid for screening films within the Festival program.  
Submission guidelines  
The call for submission will be open from 17 March 2020 and only submissions received until June 10 2021 will be taken into consideration.  
Filmmakers who wish to submit multiple films shall fill in a separate form and submit a separate copy and the accompanying documentation for each film.  
Only submissions with complete documentation will be taken into consideration. The complete documentation includes:  
1. A copy of the film provided via a hyperlink (HD format; minimum resolution of 1280x720 or more, 16:9  picture format). Films can be sent via video hosting sites (such as vimeo or dailymotion) or shared via file  hosting services (e.g. Google drive, OneDrive, iCloud) – it is important that links remain active until the  conclusion of the Festival;  
2. A filled-in entry form (.doc format), downloadable from the Festival’s webpage;  
3. Synopsis of the film (between 70 and 120 words);  
4. Trailer for the film (obligatory);  
5. Two film stills (minimum resolution 300 dpi);   
6. A short biography and photograph of the author (no more than 200 characters); two film stills (minimum resolution 300 dpi);  
7. A complete credits’ list (the names of directors, producers, screenplay writers, directors of photography, editors, sound editors, music editors);  
The films which are not in either Serbian or English must be subtitled into English. All films selected for Competition must be subtitled into English;  
The film, as well as the accompanying documentation for the film should be sent via email as separate attachments to the address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
During the event, the Festival shall provide accommodation (bed and breakfast) to one representative of the film selected for the Films in Competition Program.  
By submitting the entry form, the copyright owner of the film agrees in writing that a copy of the film will remain in the Archive of the International Festival of Ethnological Film, i.e. the archive of the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade. Both during and after the Festival, films will be used only for educational and noncommercial purposes. This applies also to promotion of the Festival in other educational and cultural institutions in Serbia.  
The Festival organizer wishes to emphasize that the applicant is expected to have previously regulated all the rights pertaining to the production and screenings of the film.  
The copyright owner of a film selected for the Festival shall allow its screening at the Festival free of charge.  
The copyright owner of a film selected for the Festival shall allow use of up to three minutes of material from his/her film for the media promotion of the Festival.  
The Selector/ Selection Committee along with the Jury of the Festival are entitled to enter the film into a different category than the one indicated in the submission form.  
The filmmakers whose films were selected for the competition program have to provide the dialogue lists from the movie.  
A film cannot be withdrawn from the Festival after the Selection Committee has completed the selection process.  
The official selection will be made public on the Festival’s web page by the end of August of the running year.  
The program of the International Festival of Ethnological Film consists of the following categories:  
Films in Competition   
Student Films  
Informative Program  
Special Program   
The International Jury of the Festival makes decisions on the awards and mentions.   
Films in Competition will be nominated for the following awards:  
The Dragoslav Antonijević Grand Prix  
The award for the best national film  
The award for the best international film  +
"Dobrivoje Pantelić" award for the best film about indigenous culture in independent production  
Films in the Student Film program will be nominated for the following award:  
The award for best student film   
The International Jury may also grant the following special mentions to Films in Competition  
Special mention for the contribution to intangible cultural heritage  
Special mention for the best ethnographic record  
Special mention for cinematography  
Special mention for editing  
Special mention for sound  
Press Award  
Audience Award  
With the prior consent of the Festival Board, other legal entities and individuals may grant their awards at the Festival.  
If a prize is awarded to more than one laureate, the monetary part of the award shall be split evenly among them.  
If the Jury considers that films running in a particular category fail to meet satisfactory quality criteria, the Festival is not obliged to award the prize, and the funds allocated for this awards shall be transferred to another category, according to the agreement of the Jury and the organizers of the Festival.  
In case the circumstances of the pandemic do not allow for live screenings, the organizers will commit to organize a virtual edition of the festival (in part or in entirely). In that case, the following rules shall apply, to which the owners of authorship rights agree by signing the entry form: 
By signing the entry form, the owners of copyrights allow the organizer of the Festival to broadcast the applied film through its own streaming platform, where all films participating at the 30th  IFEF will be available in period October 4th -8th 2021; 
Conversely, this form obliges the organizer to enable access to the films only to those persons who obtained an appropriate password and user account, which are available at the website of the festival (, in accordance with the rules of the Festival. 
Every broadcast or presentation of the film on the webpage through the platform owned by organizer of the Festival will be exclusively organized as a non-commercial screening; 
The organizer obliges to disable the option through which the users could download the film from the Internet platform perform in order to prevent any unauthorized downloading of the films from the platform used to view the movies; 
The organizer is obliged to upload the films to the Internet platform with the watermark of the Festival; 
The organizer will not be held responsible for any unauthorized and illegal download of the film from the Internet platform by users, as soon as the measures state above have been implemented; 
Viewing the films will be allowed only to users situated within the territory of Republic of Serbia; 
The owners of copyrights to films participating in this year’s program will be networked among themselves so they could exchange the links to their films at the already posted pages with other filmmakers; 
The exception to the rule that viewing films is allowed only to users from the territory of the Republic of Serbia will be provided by the owners of copyrights upon request to members and associates of the Association of Anthropological Film Festivals – CAFFE who have headquarters or residence outside of the territory of Republic of Serbia; 
All the films presented through the platform, in accordance to main and additional rules, will be available only in the period of October 4th -8th 2021, after which they will be permanently removed from the platform; 
In case of any legal dispute regarding the use of copyrights, the organizer and the owners of copyrights both agree that the dispute should be solved amicably as soon as possible, and should it not be the case, in the relationship between the organizer and owners of copyrights with international element, the organizer and the owners of copyrights are hereby entering into contract under the Law of Republic of Serbia, as well as jurisdiction of Courts in the Republic of Serbia;