Dreaming and Interlacing


8’04’’, 2020.


Andreja Milinković


Slavica Bračević


Mirjana Rastović


Želimir Tot


Boris Havran


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Short audiovisual forms were created by merging two artistic disciplines: contemporary visual applied art of tapestry weaving and musical art of the 20th and 21st centuries composed for piano. The concept is based onаselection of representative artisanal tapestries created and safekept inthe institution for tapestry processing, Atelje 61, which is unique not only in our country but also in our region and Europe. The musical basis for the creation of the miniatures is a selection of compositions from the “Breathing In, Breathing Out: A Little Anthology of Piano Music 1914-2014” by the author and performer Nada Kolundžija. Selected tapestries and compositions are also complementary to each other regarding the period when they originated. The tapestry was treated as an independent artistic whole, with both details and the complete artistic surface carefully set.

Mirjana Rastović is author of a series of music and documentary shows on RTV, the editor of the broadcast and RTV recording of classical music concerts. She sees music through a broader social context, advocates for the media affirmation of artistic music and puts it in connection with other, non-musical content, but also the corporate needs of the Public Media Institution of Radio Television of Vojvodina.