Easter Expectations in the Village of Komňa

Očekávání Velikonoc v Komni

Czech Republic



Marie Kadlčíková


Jan Amos Comenius Museum in Uherský Brod


Marie Kadlčíková


Marie Kadlčíková


Marie Kadlčíková


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When you say Easter, many are reminded of colorful Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and spring break. For Christians, however, the journey to Easter begins on Ash Wednesday, when they commemorate Christ's temptation and the nearness of his suffering and death in a forty-day fast. It is a time of preparation for the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is the greatest holiday of the liturgical year. During Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and White Saturday, believers commemorate the events that preceded the Resurrection. From Thursday's Gloria until Saturday, the bells are silenced, and so-called flaps are used instead of bells during services until Saturday. This year's (2019)guardians will therefore have to wait until they have new successors from among the children.

Marie Kadlčíková has been working since 2010 at the Jan Amos Comenius Museum in Uherský Brod as an audiovisual record manager. In 2010 she graduated from the Faculty of Education of the University of Ostrava in Ostrava.