19’59’’, 2020.


Andrea Lazzari


Nicolò Cascino


Andrea Lazzari


Andrea Lazzari


Andrea Lazzari


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“Eporedia” is a tribute to the value of the Carnival of Ivrea, whose spectacular traditions are today the symbol of the city itself. A great party that reflects a popular spirit handed down over the years, pushed over the strong smell of citrus that during the demonstrations creates, in the squares, big orange carpets. A battle –  that of the oranges- told by the two enemy factions, the citizens in revolt –"aranceri a terra” –  and the weapons of the tyrant –“aranceri sul carro” –with the voice of the "Pantere Nere", the fair team of shooters whose colors recall the elegant exotic animal. Filmed entirely in the town of Piedmont, Eporedia retraces with refined meaning the moments of the Carnival Historic, recalling through its music and its colors, the atmosphere of a manifesto symbol of a part of the Italian historical memory.

Andrea Lazzari, graduated in 2017 at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan in New Technologies in Art. In 2012, together with four other boys, he founded the artistic collective Waamoz from which Quite Society LLC will be born, of which, to date, in addition to being an associated member and member of the Board of Directors, he is also its Creative Director.



EPOREDIA - Trailer Ufficiale (ITA) from PREMIERE FILM on Vimeo.