From Time Indefinite


42’ ,2021.


Branko Stanković


Stefan Radonjić


Branko Stanković


Darko Bursać


Marija Baronijan Šašić


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From the time immemorial, human lives were connected to earth and stone. The earth is the womb that gives new life, and we owe to the earth everything that sprouts and grows to fruit. The earth has been guarded and defended for centuries because it fed us. Only the land and the woman are said tobefruitful and fertile. Serbs send the deceased to the other world with a handful of earth and bury him in the earth, because a man belongs to the earth. Along with the earth, man has tied his life to the stone, which has been his companion for millennia. Discovering the strength and durability of stone, man made his first weapons and tools from stone, and then built from it everything he could, starting from houses and palaces, over bridges and aqueducts, to entire cities. Man always goes to the Otherworld pressed by a stone upon which humanity’s mark is written.

Branko Stanković is author of 32 documentaries and two short feature films, as well as two dramas that were screened on the Radio Television of Serbia. He has won over 60 national and international awards for his work, television and film artwork. He has been presenting and editing the documentary series “Kvadratura kruga” on Radio Television of Serbia for 20 years.