Lazarice - Female Ritual Processions From the Ethnic Area of Dolni Polog

North Macedonia

13’03’’, 2018.


Bojan Petkovski


Bojan Petkovski


Bojan Petkovski


“Foto Didžo”, Jovan Jon


Bojan Petkovski


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There is no doubt that tradition is implanted within customs and rituals as the most sincere reflection of a people and their time. The traditional Macedonian mosaic is luxurious and rich, and its every detail carries the most vivid image of each Macedonian region, especially as an important mark of regional identity. This video material takes us completely into the ethnic area of DolniPolog, focusing on the rituals associated with the feast of Lazarus Saturday and their practice in the past. The reconstruction of the rite-custom cycle represents a revival of time and an inspiration of life in the society that speaks for itself through the tradition it has created on its own. This recorded reconstruction shows Lazarus ritual processions performed by young unmarried girls who, going from house to house, sing songs dedicated to each member of the family.

Bojan Petkovski graduated from the Department of Ethnochoreology of the Music Academy at Goce Delčev University of Štip. He is the author of several art projects, as well as a series of professional works in the field of ethnochoreology. He is active in traditional dancing and singing through the concert activities of the ensemble “Macedonia”, of which he has been a part since its founding in 2013.