Dark Red Forest


83’, 2021.


 Huaqing Jin


Tutu Li, Enxy Wu


Huaqing Jin


Huaqing Jin


Huaqing Jin


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This Tibetan Buddhist monastery is located on the plateau at an elevation of 4 kilometers. It has the largest number of nuns in the world who are living here and practicing in the most primitive way.In the coldest days every year, the nuns practice the Retreat in the tiny cabin on the hillsides for 100 days. There will be divination before the Tibetan New Year, to deal with unusual questions. Buddhist scripts class up to 6 months. In the pith room, the conversations between nuns and guru are full of oriental wisdom. In the Sky Burial place, those dark red robes of nuns were like flying butterflies while burning. However, since the summer of 2019, a lot of nuns had to go back to their hometowns.

Jin Huaqing is the author of films such as “Living with Shame”, “Blossom with Tears”, “Lament of Yumen”, “The Endless Road”. He has received 55 awards in international film festivals such as 7th Green Film Festival in Seoul Best Film, 9th Mexico City International Film Festival Best TV documentary, Best Documentary at the 33rd Tehran International Short Film Festival...