Seida Pass: Tyrolean Devils




Anastasia Lebedeva, Pavel Yankevich


Anastasia Lebedeva


Anastasia Lebedeva, Pavel Yankevich


Pavel Yankevich


Pavel Yankevich, Mikhail Voropaev


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It turns out that the pagan tradition, rooted in the Middle Ages, continues to live today in the Austrian province of Tyrol. Every December, more than twenty distinctive teams put on their costumes and masks, take drums and take to the streets and squares of old Austrian cities and villages to immerse the shocked spectator for several days in an extravaganza of tribal rhythms and fire. The participants call themselves Tyrolean Devils. The teams’preparation takes as long as  several months. All this for the sake of three days a year in early December to go free to the squares of small Tyrolean towns and villages to scare people and the approaching winter.

Anastasia Lebedeva, from Moscow, graduated in 1997 from the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, and in 2009 from the Moscow Architectural Institute. Since 2010 she has been working as a professional photographer, who organized and conducted several expeditions in Russia and abroad.

Pavel Yankevich, from Torzhok, graduated in 2018 from the GITR Film and Television School in Moscow. He lives in Moscow and works in the fields of cinema and advertising.