The Whale from Lorino

Wieloryb z Lorino


58’49’’, 2019.


Maciej Cuske


Pokromski Studio – Mikolaj Pokromski, Aldona Pokromska


Maciej Cuske


Piotr Bernas


Katarzyna Orzechowska


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Chukotka, a place located on the edge of Siberia, where the cold winter lasts ten months. It's a severe land, where only the strongest are able to survive. One of the oldest Siberian tribes lives there for centuries. Its tradition, culture and life in harmony with nature, were brutally destroyed by the Soviet regime. Since the USSR collapsed they have been trying to survive, missing the wisdom of their ancestors and hope for the future. One of the last sources of life and tradition of Chukchi is whale fishing, whose fate is also threatened. For the Chukchi people, the whales are hope to survive the next winter. When the land of Lorino warms up from the sun, the hunting begins.

Maciej Cuske is a filmmaker dedicated to independent film and music videos. In 2004 he finished Andrzej Wajda’s Film School and has been creating documentary cinema since. His main subject is plain life, where he looks for humor and warmth. He is a member of the board of experts in the Polish Film Institute since 2009 and head of a documentary course in Warsaw Film School since 2012.



the Whale from Lorino trailer from Pokromski Studio on Vimeo.