Biravno Manush – Roma Prince


49'47'', 2021.


Rastislav Durman


RTV Vojvodina, Vojvodina Creative Industries Cluster


Ružica Kovačević, Božidar Stojkov, Branko Đurić


Goran Velemir, Arpar Garbac, Marko Stepanović


Darko Maletin


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While the Roma traveled, each caravan had its own leader. When the Roma settled, each settlement had its own prince. His duty was to maintain order in the community, to resolve disputes and, most importantly, to be a mediator between the Roma community and the environment in which that community lived. In Vojvodina, the institution of the Roma prince lasted until the end of the 20th century. By the end of 1970s, the duties of the prince were already taken over by the “presidencies” formed in the settlements, Roma associations of citizens, non-governmental organizations, pedagogical assistants, mediators. At the beginning of this century, local governments were assigned coordinators for Roma issues. The film that follows this transition involves the last Roma princes of Vojvodina, as well as those who today perform duties that were once bestowed to princes.

Rastislav Durman has been present in the AV industry for the last forty years as a screenwriter, director and producer. His opus in the field of documentary film consists of about a hundred titles in about fifty countries around the world.