Château Beijing


63 ', 2017.


Boris Petric


Up studio, CNRS Image




Laura Taubman


Mélanie Brun, Marts Mihailovs


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China has recently started to drink wine and is becoming a major market for French producers who dream of its enormous potential. China has also started to produce its own wine and will soon become one of the largest vineyards in the world. Château Beijing addresses wine as a cultural mediator to understand the growing importance of social ties between Europe and China in the context of globalization. The film explores this new desire for wine through the career path of three characters circulating between France and China: a Chinese business woman who has a passion for Burgundy wine, a flying French wine maker based in China and a young Chinese sommelier.

Boris Petric is an anthropologist and a filmmaker. He is the director of the Centre Norbert Elias (Marseilles, France), a research institution dedicated to the study of social dynamics. He is currently engaged in La Fabrique des écritures, an innovative project offering production facilities to researchers, as well as an environment to develop a critical thinking on creative and emerging forms of narrative.



Château Pékin - Bande annonce from La Fabrique des écritures on Vimeo.