Letters to Mother




12′34″, 2021.


Dinko Čvorić


Vinko Štefanac, Theater Bravo


Vinko Štefanac



Dinko Čvorić



   Stories and legends of long and arduous journeys of our émigrées, and their difficult life in faraway lands, are being told and retold for over a hundred years. In one of these tales, inspired by true events, Jakov, a young man from Dalmatia in 1910, went on a long journey to America. He promises to return, and writes to his mother Ana, and his girlfriend, Maria. Despite a strong desire to return, the story doesn’t end happily.


Dinko Čvorić is a musician, video director and multimedia artist. Since 2006 he has been creating original instrumental music using motifs of contemporary rock music with a strong influence of world music. 

Vinko Štefanac is an actor, director, producer, and TV presenter from Zagreb. He has a master's degree in acting at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. In TV projects where he participated as an editor and TV host, he produced over 400 episodes of various TV shows, of which over 300 were broadcast live.