Serbian Wedding Custom in Vranje valley




30′, 2022.


Lela Janić, Milica Bajić Đogo


Snežana Šaponjić Ašanin


Snežana Šaponjić Ašanin, Milica Bajić Đogo


Dragan Živić


Marko Dragojević


   The film showcases wedding customs in Vranje valley. The customary practices related to the most important part of the life cycle in traditional Serbian culture are shown. Attention was paid from a person’s birth to find them a spouse in order to secure the preservation of the family, slava and hearth. Even today the ritual of dancing the mother-in-law kolo and daughter-in-law kolo is practiced. The mother in law wears a red skirt –futa – and dances carrying a sieve in her right hand.


Snežana Šaponjić Ašanin is an ethnologist, Museum Advisor at the Čačak National Museum. Her field of research work includes the intangible culture of our people and she is the regional coordinator for intangible cultural heritage for central Serbia.


Milica Bajić Đogo is a long-term editor at the Radio Television of Serbia, author of shows, series and documentary films on the topics of cultural heritage of Serbia, natural heritage, ecology and many more.